PC & Network Solutions - Company Profile


top IT & network support services for 20+ years

In modern business operations, technology is essential. Our reliance is so universal, so ubiquitous that any inefficiency or disruption can have a crippling effect on your operations. If those problems are systemic, it won’t be long before you notice the impact on your balance sheet.

When PC & Network Solutions formed over 30 years ago, our mandate was to provide small and medium sized businesses with the best network support services without the commitment and expense of maintaining internal IT support structures or attempting to source expertise from myriad of service providers. Our goal was to set a new standard of customer service: highly efficient, professional personal assistance and guidance at a reasonable cost. And over the years, our clients have come to trust that experience and expertise, making PC & Network Solutions their preferred resource for IT support, ongoing maintenance, IT strategy and implementation.

Today, PC & Network Solutions services businesses throughout Newfoundland & Labrador and across Canada. Our reach serves our customers when they are overseas or working from production platforms offshore. Our team focuses on delivering exceptional customer service, taking pride and enjoyment in ensuring that your IT infrastructure runs smoothly.