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Network Design, Installation and Support

At PC & Network Solutions, we take our client’s networks and server infrastructure very seriously. We understand that down time is lost time, and lost time is lost revenue. So we do our best to guarantee that your network is not only protected and secure, but also operating at optimal efficiency.

It starts with good quality hardware, followed by proper security protection and stable backup systems. We take inventory of your network to gain an intimate understanding of what works and what underperforms. We talk to your team, acquiring insight into your concerns, your issues, as well as where your operations are and where you see them going. Our experience with a broad range of businesses gives us an appreciation of the challenges and priorities unique to each sector and working environment. 

This is how we empower our clients: tailoring their systems around what they actually need, not only now but for future growth. That knowledge is borne out of a thorough understanding of our clients, their companies, their competition, and their vision of the future. For 30 years we have been true to this ethic and it has served us well: most of our original clients are still with us. That is a statement of trust. Explore what that can mean to your company today and reach out to us.

Our services portfolio in business information technology is broad:

  • System design, configuration and deployment
  • Storage planning and implementation
  • Email system design and implementation, including high availability configurations and archiving
  • Smartphone and tablet support and management
  • Local and wide area network design and support
  • Mobile workforce and remote sites planning and support
  • Desktop and notebook upgrading and rollout planning
  • Video conferencing and presentation systems
  • Wireless linking between buildings for campus networks
  • Network cabling and rack installation
  • Relocation of IT systems for office moves
  • Data backup, monitoring, and replication to secure offsite data centers
  • Staging of equipment for remote deployment
  • Data recovery and secure disposal services
  • Refurbishment and recycling of retired equipment

Personal Computer Sales, Service and Support

At PC & Network Solutions, we not only help our clients choose the optimal desktop systems for their work environments, we back them up with technical support, updates and warranty assistance. We also help you protect your investment: by recommending the best malware protection and updates, we minimize downtime and provide reliability to your employees.

Our team appreciates that in business, time is always of the essence. So no matter the need or the timeline, we are here to ensure that the best equipment gets installed.  Do it right the first time.

Sectors We Service

Over the past 30 years, the economy has changed and expanded dramatically. The same could be said of the variety of client sector we service:

  • Manufacturing and distribution
  • Engineering and construction
  • Oil and gas, onshore and offshore
  • Education and non-profit
  • Retail and insurance
  • Legal and medical/dental
  • Video, film and marketing