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the sum of our team’s expertise is our best asset

The key advantage in choosing PC & Network Solutions is the strength of our team. We empower our experienced staff to manage projects directly with our clients, underscoring our commitment to providing the highest level of service to the companies we serve. Collaboration amongst our team is the backbone of our company, ensuring that the best strategies are always applied to each and every project. The result is solutions that prove to be the best investment for our clients’ IT needs.

Get to know our team at PC & Network Solutions. We are consistently at your service because emergencies never have fixed appointments.

Jon Seary, Business Technology Consultant

Jon Seary
Business Technology Consultant

Adrienne King, Technical Support

Adrienne King
Technical Support

Todd Baker, Technical Support

Todd Baker
Technical Support

Todd Baker, Technical Support

Tyler Devine
Technical Support

Dwain Gallant, Technical Support

Dwain Gallant
Technical Support

Matthew Janes, Technical Support

Matthew Janes
Technical Support

Cat Murphy, Technical Support

Cat Murphy
Technical Support

Steve Pick, Technical Support

Steve Pick
Technical Support

Kelly Cummings, Dispatch / Administrative Support

Kelly Cummings
Dispatch / Administrative Support

Nick Seary

Nick Seary

Gil Lane, Business Technology Sales

Gil Lane
Business Technology Sales